We have a ONE-STOP SYSTEM capable of both discovering new cosmetics and bio-materials, and of developing formulations 

+ Natural Product Research

Separating and purifying useful substances from various natural resources, such as marine organisms, microorganisms, and various other animals and plants found in nature, clarifying their chemical structures, and exploring new physiological activities to develop active materials with various effects

+ Analysis Application Research

Separation, structural analysis, quantitative analysis and physicochemical study of natural products, organic compounds and biomaterials

+ Convergence Research 

Exploration of the usefulness of functional substances present in nature, synthesis and development of new skin-whitening agents, antioxidants, and anti-aging agents with increased physiological activity through molecular design related to structure-activity relationship (SARS), and manufacture of functional polysaccharides through the modification of natural polysaccharides

+ Formulation Study

Development of solubilization and stabilization technology to provide customers with excellent products with stability and the ease of use of natural materials, development of specific formulations, and provision of guide formulations for efficient material application


1  It is possible to combine the latest fragrance trends based on joint research with famous fragrance companies that lead the world fragrance trend

2  The Fragrance Oil Library contains premium fragrance know-how obtained through co-work with French, German, and Swiss perfumers


1  In line with eco-friendly trends, eliminate artificial scents and develop new scents by testing various combinations of natural oils

2  Develop fragrances that satisfy the various sensibilities of customers, such as by carefully selecting and blending only allergen-free fragrances in consideration of recent allergy concerns


1  Develop various technologies to better apply scents to products
>> Technology to enhance sillage, capsulation technology to prevent loss of scent and preserve sillage, technology to mask pungent odors with a good scent even during dyeing


1  Discover familiar and unique natural scents, collect and reproduce incense so that you can feel the image or texture as it is

2  When applying scent to a product, we preserve the natural, innate image. We consider scent and sillage during application, helping to enhance the emotional quality by imbuing the product with individuality through a uniquely scented material


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